More than a uniform.

Redefining protection

Security can be a necessity and a luxury. The ultimate purpose of any protective body is to close-guard property and life, yet they can also provide many services in between. Hire security you can trust; not just a body in a uniform, but officers who you will truly compliment your place of business and its guests. Schedule a consultation with us and see why we are above the standard. The extra mile isn’t that far.

The Aries Executive Team includes a diverse group with Military, Law Enforcement and Security backgrounds. We bring years of experience to the table; ranging from the most populated venues in Manhattan to the busy streets of Atlanta. 

We believe each client is unique and we offer a variety of security options to best serve your needs.

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Private Events
Music / Hall Events

Private Parties Events

Event Spaces / Music Halls

Weddings & Receptions

Vehicle Patrol & Traffic


Security for home and business

Commercial Properties
Construction Sites
Access Control

Commercial Properties


Construction Sites

Access Control


Whether you’re looking for suited up or geared up, our security staff are professionals in the industry and will provide services specific to your needs. Email for a free consultation


“We host several weddings & private events per week; and could not be more thankful for having a reliable and professional security detail. Understanding the importance of having a safe and memorable event is what Aries Security is all about, and I feel secure knowing that my team and guests are always taken care of.”
“Running a company with predominantly female staff; my biggest concern is the safety of the ladies during private events. Aries Security consistently provided an organized and professional service which kept my service team protected, and me as the owner at peace knowing his security detail had the best interest of my team.”
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